Fees and Expenses

1. Initial Fees

  • Baht 50,000 charged to the Claimant after submitting a request to commence arbitration to THAC
  • Baht 50,000 charged to the Respondent after submitting an answer and a counterclaim to THAC
  • n case of several claimants or respondents, each individual will be charged unless it’s the case of joint creditors or debtors who submit a request to commence the case or an answer as one.

*No fee refund in any case.

2. THAC’s Fees

THAC’s Fees

3. Arbitrator’s remunerations

These rates will take effect from the appointment date of arbitrator.

  • Disputed parties may agree to different arbitrator remunerations than what is prescribed upon approval of both parties but this has to be done prior to the formation of the arbitral tribunal.
  • THAC’s fee and the arbitrator’s remuneration shall be computed from combined capital amounts under the claim and the counterclaim.
  • If either party requests to exercise his right to set off, the capital amount subject to such request shall also be included unless the arbitral tribunal, upon discussing with the parties, is of the view that there is no further issue for the tribunal to consider regarding the exercise of such right.

4. The arbitral tribunal’s expenses

  • This includes travel expenses, costs of accommodation, food and communication expenses actually incurred as appropriate, which are not included in tables under Clause 2 and 3.
  • Charge will be separated from the fees and remunerations stated in tables under Clause 2 and 3.

5. THAC’s costs of case management

  • Costs of facilities and supporting services such as hearing room, equipment, transcription and interpretation based on THAC’s rates
  • Costs of the THAC’s staff who works beyond normal working hours after 18.00h or during public holidays where the rate will be 2.5% of the hourly institutional fee. Anything less than an hour will be charged as one hour.
  • Costs of food and beverages

The THAC may charge other expenses aside from what’s prescribed upon every party’s consent.

6. Costs of experts appointed by the arbitral tribunal

  • Costs of the expert’s opinion report and expenses resulted from the preparation as required by the arbitral tribunal
  • Travel and other expenses of expert already approved by the arbitrator
  • Other expenses relating to the expert’s opinion as required by the law

7. Other expenses agreed by the parties as the arbitration expenses

Note: Clause 4-7 refers to the first-time charge for which the registrar may require each party to pay no more than Baht 50,000. Any expense exceeding the amount will be charged on an actual basis. (This charge is not and is separated from the initial fee.)