Selection criteria

THAC has appointed the Arbitration Committee consisting of both local and international experts as the auditing committee. They are selected from their expertise, competency, work experiences, reputation and recognition as a professional in the field together with the Arbitration Committee’s own review.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy

The ADR Academy is a main body to oversee arbitration training. Coursework are held through collaboration with the world’s leading arbitration centers such as Singapore International Arbitration Center and The Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration where experts and specialists are invited to teach at THAC to provide participants direct experiences that will enable them to actually implement the ADR.

THAC Panel of Arbitrators

1. Prof. Athueck Asvanund
2. Dr. Daraporn Thirawat
3 .Dr. Jakkrit Kuanpoth
4. Prof. Jayavadh Bunnag
5. Dr. Kamolchai Rattanasakalwong
6. Dr. Orapin Sabyeroop
7. Prof. Phijaisakdi Horayangkura
8. Prof. Dr. Pisawat Sukanthapan
9. Rujira Bunnag
10. Dr. Sahaton Rattanapaijit
11. Prof. Tongthong Chandransu
12. Vijit Yoosuphap
13. Prof. Dr. Wissanu Krea-ngam
14. Dr. Jumpita Ruangvichatron
15. Dr. Apivat Nimlar-Or
16. Sa-ngad Pattawee
17. Tassanai Chaiyakwaeng
18. Vichai Chuenchompoonood
19. Tawal Ruyaporn
20. Sareeya Galasintu
21. Alastair Henderson
22. Dr.Christopher To
23. Emmanuelle Cabrol
24. Dr. Ganiga Fuangfoo
25. Gavin Margetson
26. Prof. George Bermann
27. Dr.Georges Affaki
28. Dr. Gonzalo Stampa
29. Dr.Helena HC Chen
30. Jamal Chaykhouni
31. Julian DM Lew QC
32. Leng Sun Chan SC
33. Michael Hwang SC
34. Rob Palmer
35. Victor Smith
36. Dr. Julien Chaisse
37. John Edward Lewis
38. Dr. Fan Yang
39. JiaJia (Carrie)
40. Anant Merathia
41. David John Holloway
42. Benjamin Olbourne
43. Marco Torsello
44. Christopher Lau SC
45. Domenico Di Pietro
46. Joseph Manuel Tirado
47. Cameron Samuel Ernest
48. Bjorn Gehle
49. Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
50. Albert Yeu
51. Dr. Friedrich Rosenfeld
52. Sapna Jhangiani
53. Wee Meng Seng Aloysius
54. Michael Joseph Moser
55. Jonathan Bellamy
56. Dr. Andreas Respondek
57. Steve Kesmond Ngo