THAC’s Mediation Services

THAC’s mediation service aims to effectively settle a dispute. The service is commercially offered to both large and small businesses and to all levels of social echelons.

THAC’s Strengths

  1. Cheaper mediation fee compared to other similar institutes offering the same service in other countries
  2. Standardized and convenient location and facilities
  3. Internationally-recognized mediators
  4. Internationally-recognized regulations
  5. Run by professional and highly-experienced team

Strength of the Mediation Process

The mediation is an alternative dispute settlement (ADR) that can be implemented at any time during the dispute. The mediation can be used to find a conclusion after the negotiation for a settlement fails. Besides, it can be simultaneously carried out while the case is fought in court if the disputed parties feel that they may likely settle the dispute.

Other Services Provided by THAC

Negotiation, mediation and dispute management training

The THAC, in collaboration with an internationally recognized organization, regularly organizes a capacity-building training of mediators to have access to competent mediators who can effectively resolve a dispute.

Advisory service to prevent dispute and dispute management

The THAC is staffed with specialists and experts having experiences in dispute settlement advice either to prevent a dispute from taking place or to manage a dispute if occurred.