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Dispute Resolution

        THAC Rules provide a state-of-the-art procedural framework for dispute resolution by arbitration. All parties to a dispute are given the freedom to agree on their own arbitration procedure to be convenient, time-saving, cost-competitive, and fair to all sides. Small-sized disputes also have access to this arbitration service.

THAC Arbitration Rules

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        Mediation service at THAC covers both civil and commercial disputes, which gives flexibility and delivers the best solution for all parties involved in a dispute. THAC also has a number of registered mediators and provides training for mediators, which meet international standards.

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        Online Dispute Resolution is an online platform that systematically combines different dispute settlement methods. This mode of settlement is time-efficient and cost-saving and does not require any travel by all.

        Fund Holding is a service provided by an arbitration institute which acts as a arbitrator holding the advanced fund for a case in the ad hoc arbitration, in which an arbitration institute is assigned by the disputing parties or the arbitrators in the ad hoc arbitration case as the fund holder to guarantee payment of debt in accordance with an arbitral award.

        The arbitration institute can charge fees from the parties or persons ordered by the court to make the guarantee deposit.

  1. Fee for guarantee of arbitrator’s fee and litigation costs and expenses at the rate of 10,000 Baht per case per year*. 
  2. Fee for guarantee of debt repayment in accordance with the arbitral award, at the rate of 15,000 Baht per case per year*
  3. *In the event that the arbitration institute provides a guarantee deposit for less than one year, the fees shall be charged at the rate of one year.

        The arbitration/mediation costs are fixed by the Thailand Arbitration Center in accordance with the schedule of costs attached to the Thailand Arbitration Center set of rules.

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