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I have never been convicted or penalized for a criminal offence or misconduct by a court or tribunal.
I have never been denied permission to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.
I have read, understood and shall abide by the Rules of the Thailand Arbitration on the Ethics of Arbitrators BE 2558. I authorize the Thailand Arbitration Center (“THAC”), including the Arbitrator Committee, its executives, employees and staff to use the information submitted for and with this application as required for admission to the THAC’s Arbitrator Panel.
I acknowledge and agree that the THAC may use the information submitted with and for this application for any purpose considered necessary and useful.
I accept and approve of the THAC publishing the information submitted with this application, including the curriculum vitae, on its website and in other publications where deemed appropriate.
I accept and agree of the THAC making available the information contained in this application to third parties for the purpose of selection and listing.
I declare that the information submitted with and for this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation shall disqualify my application, or where already listed, shall automatically lead to my removal from THAC’s Arbitrator Panel.