Expenditure on arbitration / mediation process

The arbitration/mediation costs are fixed by the Thailand Arbitration Center in accordance with the schedule of costs attached to the Thailand Arbitration Center set of rules.

Expenditure on arbitration
The amount in dispute :
Expenditure on arbitration Expenditure onmediation process

Costs incurred exclude.

1. Mediation cost such as witness or expert
2. Mediator fee
3. Arbitrator’s expenditure
4. Management cost
5. The cost of the experts appointed by the arbitral tribunal.
6. Other expenses parties agreed that the costs of the arbitration.
7. Other overall charges that can’t be identified for the purpose of this calculation.

*amount display is only for estimated expenditure can’t use as reference cost.
**amount display is calculated for one Arbitrator compensation cost.
***any change occurs Thailand Arbitration Center have the rights to make changes without notifying users in advance.